DY Costa Rica Retreat 2024 – Scholarship

Register for the Deconstructing Yourself Costa Rica Retreat at the Scholarship Payment Level.

Congratulations! You’re the recipient of a Scholarship which will help to fund your retreat in Costa Rica!

Note: This payment only covers the DY retreat itself. To attend the retreat, there is a separate food/lodging fee that you pay to Deconstructing Yourself separately. After payment here, you will receive an email that details the housing choices for the retreat.  You will then talk to Krisztina Lazar via email to determine your housing option.

After that, you’ll receive an invoice to pay the food/lodging fee. Then you will be all set for the retreat.

Of course, plane fare and other travel expenses are not included. The Blue Spirit Retreat Center website has full information about airports and ground transportation.

Remember: there are no refunds less that 45 days before the retreat.

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