Vast Sky Mind—Level 2

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Vast Sky Mind, Level 2: Intermediate Topics in Nondual Meditation and Awakening

Mondays, April 29th – July 22nd, 2024
3:30 pm – 5:00 pm Pacific Time

Nondual awareness is our shared human heritage, not the property of any one religion or tradition. It has been talked about, practiced for, and experienced all around the globe since beginningless time. Various traditions and cultures have explored different understandings, different avenues, and different expressions of this fundamentally liberating aspect of our humanity for millennia. And now with Vast Sky Mind, Level 2, you can get a genuine taste of these explorations and understandings for yourself.

In Vast Sky Mind, Level 1, we learned a system of nondual meditation that—when practiced diligently—can bring you to an experience of direct awakening. In Level 2 of the course, you will continue to deepen your practice of this system, while simultaneously broadening your understanding of the fundamentals of nonduality. It’s historical, religious, and cultural expressions.

Together with other VSM1 alumni, you will learn the history and background of the various nondual meditation traditions; how they are similar, how they are different, where they came from, and why they matter to our practice—and our lives—today. In this 12-week course, you will also learn a wide range of powerful, classic techniques from each of these traditions. And crucially, you will learn to integrate these traditional meditations into the practice structure we’ve already developed.

In Vast Sky Mind, Level 2, you will learn:

  • The history and background of nondual meditation worldwide
  • How to understand the differences (and surprising similarities) between different schools of nonduality
  • Why nonduality is a “human thing” and doesn’t belong to any particular religion
  • How to overcome the obstacles that are blocking your realization
  • Serious practice without a guru or initiations
  • A system of meditation that you can stick with
  • Specific subjects include: the Vedas, the Upanishads, Advaita Vedanta, Mahayana Buddhism, Zen, Tantra (nondual Shaiva Tantra and Vajrayana Buddhism), Mahamudra, Dzogchen, and other traditions that deal with nonduality.

Like VSM1, this is a live, online course that takes place on Zoom. Class will meet once a week for 90 minutes. During each class, Michael will teach on that week’s topic, take live questions from the group, and lead a guided meditation. In addition, students are encouraged to join a “practice pod”—a group of others students from the course—to study, share, bring up questions, and support each other’s practice throughout the class and moving forward. There are also group AMAs run by teaching assistants, supplemental readings, and a Discord server to help deepen your practice and understanding.


  • Commitment to meditate for 30 minutes daily
  • Complete all assigned course materials
  • Attend each class (recordings will be available through the course and afterward for a limited time)
  • Attend practice “pod” meetings outside of class
  • Strong desire to learn, understand, and practice nondual meditation
  • Successful completion of VSM1

Note: This is 12-week course, but we will skip Memorial Day on Monday, May 27th, so the class will take 13 weeks to complete.

Recent Students of Vast Sky Mind Say:

Michael’s ability to elicit the experience he is talking about is kind of magical. On several occasions in class, I had a direct experience of vast spacious awareness as he described it. Huge gratitude!

~ CR

Through the course, I have a deeper understanding of why I meditate. I’m not as reactionary to things that used to send me through the roof, and I spend less time scrolling mindlessly on my phone. I’m often happy just to sit and enjoy the moment during times when I’d otherwise be looking for something to distract me.

~ Tyson N.

If you are serious about deepening your meditation and being in the world in a more spacious way, this is the course for you.

~Heather M

This is a fantastic course for anyone that considers themselves to be an intermediate level meditator. Michael provides a clear overview of how and why to meditate using nondual techniques and is building a community of practitioners that can work with each other in this area without secrecy or long preliminaries.

~ David M.

This course was not only beneficial in more ways than I anticipated, but it was also great fun! Michael’s teaching style is open, fresh, and approachable. If you are looking to deepen your practice, expand your experience, clarify your understanding of multiple techniques, and apply that knowledge to your life, this is fantastic system in which to do so. Thank you Michael many times over!

~ Beau

Mondays, April 29th – July 22nd, 2024
3:30 pm – 5:00 pm Pacific Time


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